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Build for carbon removal technologies

What is CrystalTrade ?

dMRV Carbon management software built for carbon removal technologies

We cover the entire lifecycle of a biochar project from the feasability studies up to the sale of the credits and backed by our dMRV for biochar platform.

01 Pre-feasability studies

Technical analysis (pyrolysis technology, credits estimations…)
Carbon crediting comparison (, CSI, Verra)
Analysis of needed parameters for verification

1 Pre-feasability studies
02 Life Cycle Analysis

Collection of data (Upstream, core and downstream processes)
Production of the LCA model aligned with requirements and ISO 14040/44 standard

2 Life cycle analysis
03 Project registration

Carbon documentation (Environmental permits, Final use...)
Support in the submission of the documentation to the Standard

3 Registration of the project
04 Pre-sale / sale of carbon credits

Offtake agreement on the future deliveries of credits
Sale of the credits to buyers through our client's base, RFPs...
Portfolio constitution of credits for buyers

4 Sale of carbon credits
05 dMRV for biochar project

Traceability of the biochar at a batch level. Use of QR-Code, bar code scaning to track bags from the factory to the final use.
Real-time LCA monitoring of the emissions on the Biomass, production and use of the biochar

5 dMRV for biochar project
 1 Pre-feasability studies 2 Life cycle analysis 3 Registration of the project 4 Sale of carbon credits 5 dMRV software

Why monitoring projects is so important today ?

Buyers, Investors need to fell confident to invest in carbon removal projects.
Lowering the risks of greenwashing are extremely important :

• Risk of over crediting

The amount of carbon removed by a project might be lower than the number of carbon credits issued.

• Risk of non permanence

The risk that the carbon sequestrated is finally not sequestrated for the time said because we lack traceability on the final use.

• Risk of non deliveries

The risk that the quantities of carbon credits bought during an offtake agreement are not delivered.

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The only dMRV software for carbon removal projects

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Made by experts

With a deep expertise in traceability of goods and linked to an expertise in life cycle analysis (LCA) for carbon removal projects, we have a unique position.

Biochar traceability

Real-time calculation of the carbon removed, and tracking of the production from factory to the final use.

Group 5988
Group 5994

Life Cycle Analysis software

Real-time calculation and tracking of the emissions of the project. 

Complete data reporting

Dashboards and monitoring of the data collected over the various periods.

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Group 5996


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Why CrystalTrade

Is the best dMRV solution

Group 5957 (6)

Biochar Expertise

Group 5964 (1)

Batch-level Traceability

Group 5967

Transparent calculation

Group 5970

Real-time monitoring

Group 5973

API connexion with registries

We are integrated into the ecosystem

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