Maximise and prove your carbon impact

You can trust CrystalTrade for your carbon removal credit needs. Our platform ensures high-quality credits through our radical traceability technology and LCA for biochar project developers

Carbon credits

backed by data

High quality

LCA traceability 2

Unique LCA platform

based on methodologies

EBC • Verra • Puro (upcomming)

We support project developers

To generate true high-quality credits

Let's begin the journey

Evaluate your project

Pre-evaluate your project with supported registries on CrystalTrade platform

Register your project

Register your project with the supported registries in a seamless way.

conduct LCA and track production

Conduct a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of your carbon removal project and track your production through the traceability.

Sell the credits at the fair price

We have the right buyers ready to purchase your credits at the fair price on our platform.

Take an expert to help you in this journey

We can propose you a support to build your project from A to Z.

Clément Gourrierec


We can connect you with our investors to develop your carbon removal project 

Project eligibility

We support you on the project eligibility, the registration and the data collection

Credits emission

We are accredidated EBC C-sink broker so we are able to make credit emission

Group 5795
Group 5794
LCA calculation CORC
Group 5788 (3)

Carbon credits are reliably tracked throughout their lifecycle

We have developed a proprietary LCA and traceability methodology Visualise at a glance key metrics and traceability data to inform your strategic decisions

Group 5795
Group 5794
Group 5788 (3)

All-in-one platform for carbon projects

To manage your high quality projects

Standardised LCA01.

to measure your impact

Deep Traceability02.

to track your production 

Dashboard project developers


to monitor your projects


to sell your credits to our corporate buyers


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You want to invest into high-quality carbon removal credits ?

Purchase carbon removal credits at the faire price with a consistent supply. All the projects are tracked so you can prove and communicate on the environmental benefits.